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Waxed cotton jewelry cords are the standard cord used in the manufacture of "beach' or "surfer" style necklaces. These jewelry cords are generically referred to as cotton polished cords, wax cord, waxed cotton cords. They have a circular design made by 1800's technology textile braiders. The 8 to 32 bobbin braiders are a simple technology. Next the cording is waxed and dyed.

These cords are made of braided cotton yarns on standard braiding machines. One method is to buy yarns that are already dyed close to the color you are going to make. This makes it easier to get the color you want. The next step is to dye and wax the cord. One method is to use the same equipment used in the candlewick business. There are machines that have two large diameter circular drums set apart by about 10 feet. In the middle is a heated tank that you melt the dyed wax into. This tank has a number of guides that direct the braided cotton cord into the hot wax multiple times. Each pass is allowed to air cool in between the large drums that take up the waxed cord. Those familiar with candlewick waxing realize the goal is to make sure the wick has a thick wax coating. Just the opposite effect is wanted with waxed cotton cord. So the trick is to run the wax cord through heated dies starting with a large diameter then making the die hole diameter smaller to impregnate the wax into the braid with the last pass literally squeezing the excess wax off of the cord. The result is a circular braid that is thoroughly waxed into the core. The wax can be a stock parafin brand that has a 140 degree Fahrenheit melt point. For the coloring - There are numerous dye manufacturers in New Jersey that are easily foundnvia search engines.

Bulk Wicking - A master spool is then taken to work stations where smaller quantities are spooled onto smaller spools and labeled or run in parallel through guillotine cutters to a specified length then hanked. This is a general manufacturing methodology. Situations may vary. There may be other technologies that generate the same product.
Wax Cotton Jewelry Cord (Round)
Round wax cords or polished cords are basically cotton braided cords with round or oval cross sections. Various strands of cotton yarn of different counts in sheath and core are braided together (either in single head or double braid) to give them the lateral stability. Braided cords are then processed in AZO free chemicals to impart aesthetic look of leather - hence these are often known as leather looking cording aka faux leather.

Wax Cotton Jewelry Cord (Flat)
Flat wax cords or polished cords have very similar construction to that of round wax cords besides that it has odd spindle braiding of cotton yarn of different counts in braids. The cording is flat then waxed and buffed to remove excess wax during the process.  Waxed Cotton Cord is great for professional jewelry making. This cord is easily knotted and braided just like hemp but with a clean look and feel.
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